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Extra Security…. Confidence with Visa Cards From North bank allows you to access amount in the Card and at any time with a lot of world class offers brought to you by visa.


What Are the Advantages of Credit Cards from North Bank?


In general, Credit Cards Come With Several Advantages

Visa Card Ability For Marketing Full Agreeable

No Matter ,What Your Account Balance

Ceiling Card Exist For Financial Drawing to Avoid Stolen

Message Through Your Mobile Under Any Operation Done On The Card

Three Years Card Expired

Remaining Balance Could Be Added to The New Card

Cash Drawing Used Through ATM which Bearing Visa Reference Current

Statement  Advised Through Your Email

Card  Dependable international and Locally Every where

Card Accepted By hotels And Restaurants  And Others 

Suitable for Foreigners' And Generations  

Check You Balance Through ATM

Ability For Recharging

You Can Use Your Visa As A safe Alternative Of Carrying Large Sums Of Cash While Traveling Of Course

    Your  Card Should Have Broad Acceptance


What Tips Should You Keep In Mind To Better Manage a Visa Cards?


1-Keep Your Visa Card in Safe Place

2- Do Not Give Your PIN Number to anyone

3- Make Sure That Websites You Use Your Visa in are secured

4-Always Keep Your Visa Card Numbers and Customer Service Numbers Easily Accessible




Valid Passport

Valid National ID

Valid Citizen Ship Certificate

Residence Card


The Bank Reserves the Right to Ask For Additional Documents

How to Apply

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To Contact Us

Customer Service 07400512842

E-Mail  Visadept@north bank


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