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About the Bank


It is a private joint- stock company founded by a number of shareholders representing a group of businessmen and traders in addition to those who are concerned at the level of the Iraqi and regional market having extensive experience in the activation and development of the national economy according to the modern scientific basics, through the adoption of advanced technological knowledge Used in Arab and international banks.


The bank got establishment license issued by the department of Companies Registrar under its letter numbered (meem.sheem) / 9713 on 7/10/2003 granted the license of banking practice from the Central Bank of Iraq under the letter No. 9 3 341 on 9 3 2004 beginning its operations to provide banking services to customers on 1/4/2004 with a capital of (2.5) two and half billion Iraqi dinars.
The north bank for finance and investment enabled, since its inception in 2004, to achieve important accomplishments in various fields, most notably was to strengthen its financial position and to increase its interests in addition to widening its geographical spread with the diversity of its activity lines, which was included providing more banking services to its customers.
The bank was also keen to develop continuously sources of its income, taking into account, maintaining the strategy of credit risk management applying the international standards. All those has been achieved despite the exceptional circumstances experienced by the Iraqi economy at the present time .It has been observed that the participants, in the meeting of General Authority of the north bank held in June 2012 to review the results of the bank's activities for the year 2011, considered the important indicators created by the recent financial data of the bank as a qualitative evolution in the course of the bank having a positive impact
for the shareholders in the bank, we can say that the north bank plays an active role in the Iraqi banking field for what now enjoys an influential position.

The course of bank

1-The course of the bank crowded with superiority and success pushed those who are responsible on it to strengthen its economic base and to increase its competitive ability in the financial market with a solid ability and financial competence. where a decision was made to increase the bank's capital to ten (10) billion dinars in 2005, and got a further capital increase during the year 2006 to (100) one hundred billion Iraqi dinars, on the same context, the bank's management continued on its future strategic ambitions to increase the bank's capital where it became 125 billion dinars in 2010 to be 175 billion Iraqi dinars in 2011, including of what has been increased to become 210 billion dinars after the capitalization of its interests amounting 35 billion dinars achieved in the year of 2011 preparing to reach the required extent of capital which is 250 milliard which will be achieved in 2013.

2-It is clear that the bank was founded and grew up in difficult circumstances unstable situations which led to create an economic environment that is not encouraging for investment and cash circulation, which its impact reflected on all banking activity. But with the vigor, the ability and perseverance of the administrators of the bank and its employees, it has been overcome these challenges in a manner that helped to make the bank distinct among the excellent banks, both in terms of its position, which has become the top among the private banks, or at the level of the results of its other banking operations, especially in the field of investment, granting the credits and enhancing its assets. The bank's management has also drawn up and identified the main objectives which should be achieved by encouraging the public to save and invest these savings in the economic and developmental areas to contribute effectively and distinctively in the economic well-being of the country through granting the cash and promissory credits and other various banking activities. These policies led to an increase in the volume of transactions and thus to increase the profitability in the interest of shareholders, the bank also seeks to apply control measures characterized by high efficiency and effectiveness in order to reduce credit risks through asking the customer to provide adequate guarantees with verification of his financial capacity and efficiency through granting the credit.


The chairman of the directors board of the North Bank for Finance and Investment, Nawzad Dawood Fattah Al Jaaf, emphasized that the bank has plans and ongoing measures in providing its banking services for the infrastructure projects and in the sectors of housing, electricity and building of schools as well as the small and medium-sized enterprises. The contribution of the bank in providing banking service to Al Rusafa Water Project in Baghdad reflects the financial strength and durability of the bank, where the cost of the project amounted to more than 1.131 trillion Iraqi dinars (nearly one billion dollars), the investment community considered the project as one of the huge projects in the middle east, taking into account its services given to the residents of the capital Baghdad for the next four decades.

It is also pointed out that there are other strategic projects which the north bank funds them and opens the necessary credit for them, unlike what some people think and feel that the private banks play a specific role in the implementation of development projects. The amount of projects that are being implemented by the support of north bank more than one billion dollars.

Rules of Procedure

The board of directors considers the hasty changes in information technology in the world and the financial crises storming the global financial entities, pushed the bank to the extraordinary efforts for the rehabilitation of bank staff, the evolution of its working methods, the use of modern technology, the adoption of control methods and the financial disclosure of its activity, so as to ensure a sound and stable management for the bank. Under the guidance of the board of directors, it has been assigned some cadres of the bank to develop a guide for business systems and to the service rules in the bank. So after several meetings and discussions with those who are responsible on the work, this guide was approved, in which the priorities of works and administrative control procedures were defined , this guide included (22) chapters into (61) articles starting from developing the administrative structure of the general administration of the bank , department and branches of the bank, its formations , the recruitment procedures, the duties and rights of employees, the administrative levels, the job grades and the privileges and penalties ... etc. The board of directors has approved the work in this guide starting from 24/8/2006 after ratification on it . The bank authority worked also to improve and modify the employees' salaries in order to promote and encourage the spirit of competition to provide all that is the best to develop the course of the bank, to provide distinct services to customers and to wide the base of bank dealings inside and outside Iraq.

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