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We restart liveliness to banking services

North Bank for Finance and Investment works according to of an continuing ,high and continuous strategy to open the way for the bank in new and fruitful directions, These strategies and plans are executed by a team which include an elite of investment experts who have a strong economic background. In the North Bank, our strength is derived from our financial capital and people which is considered one of the greatest wealth, which determines our superior investment ability by identifying the positive results.
One of the most important investments of the North Bank for Finance and Investment


- Middle East Bank

- Iraqi banks union company

- Daar Al Theqa for insurance company

- Bank Guarantees

- Naseem Al Shemaal for financial Intermediation company

- Business Community Company

- Ur Insurance Company

- Erbil Market for Securities

- Iraqi company for financing small and medium-sized enterprises

- Babylon Hotel

- Baghdad soft drinks Company

- Delina Insurance Company

- Asia Cell Telecommunication


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North Bank branches spread across Iraq countries.