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Bank Management

The Managing Director of the Bank of North for Finance and Investment, Mrs. Nissren Yahia mohammed, confirmed that the remarkable contributions of the bank in the development of the mechanisms of work, and broaden the base of banking services reflected clearly on the performance of the bank and strengthened its sober-minded base which is based on the banking knowledge and skills for the staff working in the bank at its various levels in terms of keeping up with the technology sector globally.


He also said that by a preliminary reading of financial reports issued by the bank, we find that there is a clear expansion in the bank's activities which exceeded providing traditional banking services to include productive, developmental and service sectors, which in the forefront of them was the bank's keenness on providing banking service for the important projects. the most important of those projects are Rusafa water project, which is one of the important strategic projects related to provide drinking water for the citizens of Baghdad until 2040, as well as the project of lining Al Jaish canal in addition to contributing in financing many small and medium-sized enterprises and the projects of electricity and reconstruction.


Thus this matter made the bank moving towards attracting deposits in Iraqi dinar and dollar and investing them as the better with granting credit and loans.


So it has been increased the activity in other banking areas, this is what led to the continuation of the bank's financial position to be in high position to become the supreme among other Iraqi private banks. Moreover, the incomes earned annually have been increased to be the highest for the private banking sector. As far as the subject of expanding the bank branches is concerned, this side won the attention of the board of directors, which adherence to make the bank present in all of Iraq's provinces where it has other branches, in addition to developing a plan to open branches in key areas which have the trade and economic significance with the emphasis on the establishment of correspondents network in many countries, which will serve the growing activity of the bank, where the number of foreign banks which are cooperated with the bank is seventeen banks in the year of 2011.


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